Strong Scented Candles: Make A Difference Today!

Changing The World, 1 Candle At A Time 

Hi, my name is Marisa, and I am the CEO of Ritz Amor Candles. Here at Ritz Amor Candles, we focus on bringing mental clarity to the world through Aromatherapy products. 

At a young age my mental health was deeply compromised due to an abusive birth father. This caused me to be in and out of group homes and foster homes. During this vulnerable time in my life, I felt depressed, insecure and lonely. 

The only time those negative feelings disappeared was when I would sit in my room or bathtub with a small candle lit and speak to God. 

At this very moment there are over 153 million vulnerable children who are also feeling as I felt. Statistics state that 10-15% of these children will end up taking their lives before the age of 18.  

As a former orphan, I believe it is my duty to help bring these children mental clarity. This goal will be accomplished through Ritz Amor candles where we reach out to local children in the system. 

Ritz Amor Candles helps to inform children on mental wellness by providing educational materials on mental health, and by being a haven for children to communicate their feelings and needs with someone who they can relate to and trust. 

In the near future, as the business grows, Ritz Amor Candles will be hosting Mental health events in orphanages across the Carolinas. This will help bring awareness to the children on their feelings and how to healthily handle them.

 Aromatherapy candles helped me and so many others take control of our mental health. I know our aromatherapy products can help you take control of yours! 5% of our proceeds go directly to foster children in need.

Let's change the world together, 1 candle at a time.