Child Labor In China

China Gone Global?
All around the globe countries are growing exponentially. This can mean more opportunities for  companies to make larger sums of money compared to what they made previously. Now, China is sitting on top of the global trade positions. China is on top of the global trade triangle and is considered a global trade titan (Morrison, 2019). China is a global trade titan because they are actively open to trade amongst countries, they have a huge number of industries who create goods for export, and because they offer a significantly lower amount in wages to factory workers. Since 1979, China became open to foreign trade (Morrison, 2019). There was a time when China was very closed and preferred to isolate itself from the global economy. This was back when China maintained a poor and stagnant economy. In 1979, China implemented free-market reforms which in turn transformed China to be one of the world's fastest growing economies. In turn, this rapid growth has helped bring 800 million people out of destitution (Morrison, 2019). China is the world's number one manufacture because they have the biggest group of industries who create goods for exportation. There are around 441.5 thousand operational industries in China (Textor, 2022). The United States doesn’t even begin to come close with less than one percent of America's 30 million companies exporting. China was able to grow its industrial production due to their population size. China has a population of about 1.41 billion people. That is 4.35 times the population of the U.S. (United States Vs. China, 2021).Factory wages and Child labor practices greatly increase Chinas status on top of the Global trade positions. To start, most Chinese laborers are only paid 75 cents per hour. (Beamish, 2006) Thats less than $130 a month! You can only imagine how these Chinas citizens feel. The Child labor laws aren't any better. The “People’s Republic of China Labor Law.” is a law that that was created to prohibit employment of children under the age of 16. With the exception that if there education is up to par they would be allowed to work in certain fields. Even with this law in effect, there are about 10 million children (that we know of) working illegally in many if not all of Chinas factories! In conclusion, China is considered the global trade titan. This fact is due to China actively becoming open to trade amongst countries, having a huge number of industries who create goods for export, and because they offer a significantly lower amount in wages to factory.
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